We believe that the traditional way of requesting ad-hoc quotes is NOT the future. It is very time consuming. Data entry based on e-mail is quit wordy and makes tender selection obscure. Not having a compact overview of received quotes from the carriers often results in losing the best shipment offer suitable for you. Limits set by the traditional quotation process will be a thing of the past when using aircargobook. We provide you an inventive, well-structured and easy to use ad-hoc quotation possibility with an average airline response time of less than 30 minutes . Furthermore, you will have an up-to-date central point where you can find all essential quote related information. Our smart dashboard enables you to quickly view your activities or even personalize it according to your preferred parameters.

Easy order entry

Through our smart template you can manually fill-in your quotation request within less than a minute. It is also possible to drag and drop your shipper’s e-mail request into our e-mail importer assistant and create your quotation request automatically within seconds. Unlike e-mail, this request is always accurate and contains all the right information on which carriers can quote. It is also possible to provide your shippers a personalized link in your livery which will allow them to fill in the right shipment information on forehand. This information will be visible in your quotation drafts.

Easy tender selection

After having created a quotation request, we will present to you all airlines that are suitable to handle your request and potential shipment. From our selection tool, you can choose to send your request to all airlines that can handle your request, pre-selected group of airlines (preferred carriers) or just to one.

Clear overview of received quotes

Receive your quotes from every airline in an easy to view summary which can show you the possibility of each individual airline based on price, availability and capacity. This will enable you to select your desired carrier and add essential booking information such as: airwaybill number, shipper- and consignee information. Not chosen carriers will be automatically notified hereof. A final booking agreement can be achieved once a carrier approval has been established. This can be done by either FWB-message or as PDF.

All essential and up-to date quote information at one central point

All shipment related information such as: changes in the shipment, communication, remarks and initial shipment information are all stored under one shipment file number. Live interaction by means of chat with involved airline and dialog saving are possible as well. All this information is confidentially stored on our servers and can be retrieved at all times. This can be used for management information and reporting.

Quick view and reporting possibility

Our innovative and well-designed dashboard provides you a live quotation summary that is based on the amount of drafts, pending tenders, waiting on airline’s confirmation and already planned shipments. You can manage the activity per staff members, quotation requests per destination and requests per carrier. We can also provide you a personalized dashboard with your own desired parameters. Moreover, we manage your activities for you and present them in an management overview report. In a quick glance you can find out your success rate, amount of quotations, average price per airline per destination and much more.

Direct booking/requests

From your rate database you can directly request shipments from the airlines containing your agreed contract rate or the airline’s published rate. From there, a final booking agreement with the airline can be finalized.